1. The moment when the system is ineffective makes traders lose confidence

The normal psychological reaction of a trader is that if the trade is profitable, the trader will believe in the system's strategy. If the loss continues, that belief will gradually collapse.

However in trading, if a system that used to help you make money in the past is not so effective anymore then that is normal. Because market conditions are constantly changing, there is no system that can adapt to all market conditions. So just because the system isn't as effective as it used to be doesn't mean it won't make any money in the future. If you keep believing in some systems, it is a pity and also difficult to succeed in the long term.

So, if you have a moment when the system is ineffective, causing yourself to suffer losses continuously, it is very likely that the current market conditions are no longer suitable for the method, we should persevere. Wait for a more suitable time, then trade again. The system will work again and the trader needs only a little patience.

2. Want to optimize trading method by combining indicators or other trading techniques

Often when a trading method is found that is right for a trader, it is tempting to improve it further. That means making it stronger, trading with a higher win rate. And to do this, traders often combine the method with another trading technique or indicator to give it more confirmation or signals.

But many traders are completely unaware that this is the way to make the system ineffective. Because each trading system has its own principles. If your improvement affects these principles, it will probably make the system less original. It might even be considered another system.

During the system improvement process, you will see why the system is not the same as before. Gradually, traders no longer completely trust the system. That is also the reason why many brothers traders cannot trade a system in the long term.

These are the two biggest reasons why the majority of traders, although they have the right system, are not attached to it for long. Mainly in the way we operate the system. Just applying the principles of that system is also considered as the minimum requirement that we must do for the system to operate effectively, then based on market conditions to adjust the system accordingly. does not lose the original system.