1. Re-evaluate your goals

The weekend is a time for traders to reevaluate the strategy's goals, as the next week's price action or news can affect the trader's goals. So this time is suitable for traders to reassess the market, giving possible possibilities to be more active in trading management in the next week.

2. Adjusting strategy

The weekend is also a time when traders can adjust or plan their strategy for the next week, assessing the market and which categories can be traded in the next week to be in sight. At the same time, this is also the time to help traders evaluate the trading results of last week and correct mistakes before entering the next trading week.

3. Update news of next week

Financial markets always have new news and events. Traders should take advantage of this time to know what news or events to announce before next week so they can plan better trading strategies.

4. Rearrange the schedule

There will be elements that need to be updated, there will be strategies that need to be adjusted, there will be errors corrected. And also because of that, there will be times when a trader's trading schedule needs to be changed. The rescheduling of the trading schedule or plan helps traders better control the trading process in the coming week. Since then, be more active in trading, do not need to worry too much because the news or the changes of small factors cause traders to panic.

All these things, you can do every weekend, is your free time. Everything you evaluate or adjust will also be more objective and help you be more proactive and confident. All of this if you do it on a Monday, when the market is back up again everything will be different, not to mention you won't have a lot of time to do this.

As can be seen, successful traders prepare their plans for the weekend and when the market is active again, they just have to execute their plans. Remember, trading without a plan is all about gambling.