However, trading large timeframes does not mean you will trade better because chart analysis also requires you to analyze before entering the order.

But long-term trading will help you discover that there are ways to focus more on you, and you think it might also help.

Eliminate the complicated things when trading, especially related to charts.

Research shows that using black and white is better for the eyes than using too many colors:

When you use too many colors, your eyes will adjust your eyes to match the full spectrum of colors. Color is also related to energy, for example, if you use hotter colors like red, orange, and yellow, your eyes will be more excited than blue or purple. At the same time, too many colors excite you too (as the picture above shows the effects of color on the human mind).

The first is a classic red-green 2-color chart.

Decided to remove all the colors and use a black and white chart

Take a look at the 2 charts above at a time, observe each chart for 1-2 minutes and look at the other chart to see the difference. How do you feel about the colors of each chart?

Are you feeling a little more nervous or stressed when looking at the red chart above?

You see, the color directly affects a Trader's focus. When you use neutral colors like black and white, charts have less of an impact on your sentiment.

How do you change the color of the chart to black and white?

How to change color chart with the two most popular trading platforms today are Metatrader and Tradingview.


Notice that the colors in the Foreground and Grid have been darkened by me. This is quite important, the foreground areas are where the price chart frame appears. If you let it stand out, it will make you feel distracted.


Right-click and then click Properties. Then adjust the color as shown above.

Of course, you are free to customize the colors you want. You can change the background color to be brighter or you can use lighter-colored candles. This is just a small hint to show you the importance of black and white on your trading chart.

Also, delete unnecessary quotes on the screen or the flash that often hits your eyes. These factors are small, but also make me often distracting.