Reason 1: Vacation takes away the system's probabilistic advantage

You know that any trading system in the world has to trade for a long time CONTINUOUS to prove its effectiveness, and I emphasize the word CONTINUOUS in this sentence.

Why is a system required to have continuous trading? Because a system will have periods of earning money, and periods of losing money alternating. The stage of making money is when the system finds the "right rhythm" of the market, most of the signals are quite beautiful and accurate. Simply because the market is in a state that this system can take advantage of. On the contrary, there will also be times when the system "derails" with the market, which means that the chain of losses will come. If there is a certain period when the system "takes a break" without trading, what if that period of rest is the time when the system is in tune with the market? We will miss the golden time to make a profit.

Worse, when we go back to trading, the likelihood of falling into the moment the system starts to go out of rhythm, and the streak of losses is what awaits you. Surely no brothers want to restart their trade with a string of losses.

There is continuity emphasized. We have to let the system run continuously, day to day because we cannot know when the system will make money, and when it loses money. We have no choice but to trade continuously without a break.

Reason 2: Resting does not mean the end of stress

When I am stressed, I rest, take a deep breath, listen to relaxing music, and feel a little better, but my stress is still not over. It's not that easy. My heart rate would still be high then, my body metrics still showed that the body was still under stress.

The human body takes a very long, very long time to recover from stress. Not just a few days, sometimes it can take months, even years to heal.

So when you are stressed, you still have to trade? Of course, we can rest, and we accept that the system will lose its advantage during this resting period.

Reason 3: Trading without stress means there is a problem

And solve that problem, not simply rest.