Trading is a game of psychology. The proof is that it is not smart (high IQ) that will win this game: we see a great physicist like Newton surrender to the market after losing heavily, we see many professors advancing. Researchers on the market are also at a loss. On the market, qualifications don't make sense.

But the advantage will belong to those with a good mindset and psychology. Thinking is a framework of a person's way of thinking, his or her basic beliefs, and psychology is the ability to recognize and control their emotions. Combining these two factors, we have a person who thinks the right way to make a profit, and knows how to control his own emotions - that is the advantage of the trader.

So it is not the method, the trading system, the capital management, or anything else, but it is the mindset and mentality that helps the trader to go halfway to long-term profit. Here are 5 facts that if you believe them, you will have an advantage over other traders:
  1. Everything is likely to happen
  2. You don't have to know what's going to happen to make money
  3. There is a random distribution between winning and losing orders for any 1 set of variables that create an advantage for Trader (it can be understood that this set of variables is the trading system)
  4. An advantage is nothing more than an idea of a higher probability of occurrence of one scenario than the other.
  5. Every moment on the market is unique
1. Everything is likely to happen: the price falls even further, or the reversal goes up. The bullish price could possibly go even higher, or reverse it. Any scenario is also likely to happen, nothing is impossible in the market.

2.You don't have to know what's going to happen to make money: because everything is likely to happen (see # 1 again), you don't have to know exactly what's going to happen to make money. get money. What we need is an advantage in the market.

3. There is a random distribution between winning and losing orders: that is, the winning and losing results of a sequence of orders are random and independent of each other, not related or affect each other. You win 10 orders doesn't mean you'll win the next one, the probability is still 50%.

4. Advantage is the most obvious thing in the long run: in the short term trade can have 50% probability, but in the long run, it must have advantages to make money.

5. Every moment in the market is unique: there is no pattern that is completely repetitive, the market is always changing and changing.