1, Here are the indicators on the daily chart:
  • Charts with highest, lowest, and close;
  • Street ema 8, 21, 65
  • Volume
  • Volume ema 50
  • The relative strength of that market with the S&P500

What are the indicators you use? - Julian Komar, professional Stock trader

2, The world is always right. So when you think it doesn't make sense, your model of seeing the world doesn't make sense. And if something seems ridiculous, there must be something hidden in it. Something you never thought about, or could exceed your imagination - Jack Schwager, professional trader trainer

3, The sun is rising again

There are 2 targets for the Nikkei 225 chart

The first target, 31179, is from the Right Angle Expansion Triangle pattern completed in November on the weekly chart

The second target, 39300, to hit an all-time high again, is from 1989, from a giant circular bottom pattern on the weekly timeframe. - Peter Brandt, legendary trader

4, Great profits come from holding your winning orders. Don't sell just because you are scared and want to exit the market.

5, Tip: Keep in mind that taking the lead is the lead! Does that mean:
  • The leading stocks will create a bottom before the whole market
  • The leading stocks will create the top and reverse before the whole market
They are very good early indicators for assessing the overall strength of the stock market. - Julian Komar, professional Stock trader

6. Your losses on average must be half or a third of your winning orders to be able to generate positive and profitable risk: reward ratio - Steve Burns, professional trader