1. Focus on the process, not the results

Knowing that everyone wants to be profitable, but it doesn't make sense to put all of your attention into an unforeseen outcome. While doing well in the process is the way to help traders get good results.

When focusing on the process of having better psychological control, the appearance of mentality can distract you from your plan. But since you are 100% focused on your process, there is less and less mental exposure and easier to control.

2. Probabilistic thinking

This means that in trading every transaction you make is potentially risky. Losses are part of trading and you should accept them.

Once you have understood this, every transaction a trader performs will be more careful, more calculating, and not bring confidence, sure to win in the transaction. When the trader knows to accept losses, the automatic capital management will be tighter, the sentiment will also be lighter.

3. Long-term thinking

Many traders only look to the immediate profits, when having a few losses, it will be easy to be discouraged because they think that these losses are almost predetermined with the future results too.

But the reality is completely different. Such types of losses are very common and, importantly, do not tell your trading future. Because trading is a process, if you make a profit, you also lose money. But if you are a skilled and well-disciplined trader, some short-term losses will not change the outcome of your trading, even in the process. you may lose more trades, but in the long run, you will still be profitable.

Once you have this mindset, some of the short-term losses, failures, and difficulties basically don't make you difficult. With such a consistent mentality, will you have the mentality of losing again?

4. Keep in principle when operating the system

This is very important. If any of you find the above 3 things too difficult, just focus on doing this 4th thing well.

Keeping the principles when operating the trading system not only helps traders to stick to plans, get quality strategies but also control emotions much easier because even though emotions appear, the Trader's still strictly adhering to trading principles. So you basically don't have to control anything, focus on what you need to do, those feelings will automatically disappear.

In fact, controlling emotions is not too difficult, as long as we are aware and focus on important things, trading psychology will gradually become much more stable.