Separation from the emotions - The emotional film

Suppose you go to see a movie in the cinema. You are sitting comfortably and the screen starts to show the movie.

You are ready to enjoy the movie. You begin to analyze images, sounds, soundtracks and get caught up in the details of it. Assuming the movie is incredibly good, you quickly forget that you're watching it. And you feel like you are in the world in the movie, because it's too intriguing.

But in fact, you are just sitting in a comfortable chair watching the images projected on the screen. There is nothing intriguing about that in nature.

But why do you feel like you are getting into the story of the movie? That is the brain instinct. Most people spend most of their lives integrating into such "emotional movies". That movie is filled with lines of thought, constantly moving and unable to stop.

That movie has been shown continuously from the time the brothers were born until now.

So is the trader. They also have a psychological drama that shows continuously while trading. And that movie was FULL OF STRONG FEELINGS: excitement, joy, pride in winning deals; hope, worry, fear, regret, anger when a transaction is lost. And frustrating, afraid of missing out, regretting missing beautiful trading.

That movie caused traders to enter unsolicited trades, force losses to burn their accounts, and enter full accounts to remove losses.

So how to separate from the drama?

Separate from emotions like

Of course, we can't stop showing an emotional movie. As long as it's alive, that movie will still be showing. But we can:
  • Consciousness of reality
  • Choose which part of the movie we want to see
  • Rewrite a part of the movie
We must be aware of what emotions we are experiencing, what we are thinking, and what we want to do. Ask yourself such questions repeatedly when trading to prevent emotional effects.

As you trade and feel negative emotions start to emerge, take a deep breath, slow your breath, and direct your attention to the breath. Watch the thoughts that come to mind at that moment, and don't judge them.

That line of thought is the emotional film. Don't try to stop that thought, let it flow, but it's important that you watch it, and don't judge.