Most beginners in trading, except for a few who lead the right path from the start, when entering the market are victims of random luck. If you have been or are making money in the market by:
  • Enter the order too early when there is no signal according to the rules.
  • Catch falling knives, but when the market is falling, and sell when the market is on the rise.
  • Cancel, move the stop loss whenever the TT is near.
  • Huge volume gains after a few losses ...
Then surely you are making money thanks to the random luck brought by the market and that makes you become too confident, delusional, thinking that you are a genius, able to make money easily. That random lucky "pleasure" will be ingrained in your mind. You are addicted to that feeling and most of all, you will forget all of your principles when you trade.

Many people often blame the market that brokers, big boys hunt stop-loss, intentionally set losses, but fail to realize the real pitfall lies in themselves: addiction to winning trades by going against market trends or moving stop losses. every time the market gets close to the set point. You do not follow your own rules. At this stage, you are like an innocent sheep, taken care of by the market for a long time to finally shave off in just one transaction.

You will experience the feeling of a hell loop of emotions: You torment yourself, get angry with anger, you get frustrated with stupid and silly actions that you don't know why you feel guilty. It's your fault, you hate yourself.

And that goes on until you burn a few accounts until you understand that the market is extremely harsh, to first manage your money, you must first learn how to survive, which is the only way to survive in school it's a stop loss, you start learning about capital management ...