Step 1. First, choose a time frame to trade, choose a 5-minute chart.

Step 2. Next, choose an indicator and signal, choose MA20 and Pinbar candlestick.

Step 3. Our setup will be, uptrend, price adjustment to create pinbar above MA20, we buy up as soon as the pinbar is complete.

You're crazy about spending a few minutes of your life reading this crap, wait or take the next steps, this is what makes a sure winning strategy.

Step 4. Enter the order, you can use the demo account, but you should use a real account with 0.01 lots, it will make you more focused. First, you leave the default SL 10 pips and TP 10 pips and let the price run, it will touch 1 of 2 above only.

Step 5. Record the result, here you won't record, I eat 10 pips, haha, or I lose 10 pips huhu.
First, you record the entry point coinciding with the close price of the pinbar tree, in fact, your match price will be different from this price, but to re-regulate the entry point is the price of losing pinbar trees.

Next, you record the highest price in a push wave with a win or loss order, this doesn't count.
Then you record the price fluctuated in the opposite direction of the order after finishing the pinbar.

From the above prices, you get 2 temporary numbers called: iTP and iSL.

For example: after the appearance of a pinbar when the price returns to the MA20, the price fluctuates and goes in the opposite direction of the order from the close price of the pinbar 4.7 pips, then the price goes in the right direction, creating a temporary highest setting away from the close price. pinbar tree is 13.1 pips, then the price adjusts. You record: 4.7 - 13.1.

Step 6. Continue to trade and take notes on the excel sheet. When you get 100 orders, let's say you have the following statistics:
50 price orders going in the opposite direction of the order.

50 price orders in the right direction, in which: iTP largest 17.1 iTP average 9.4 iTP minimum 7.6, highest ISL 9.2 average ISL 5.1 lowest ISL 2.4, above figures are examples.

Step 7. Data processing:

It is easy to see that the highest iSL is only 9.2, so your SL 10 is meaningless, right down, adjust the SL to 9.3. Things are not that simple, if only that, then a little waste of effort. Let's use several formulas, calculate to give the SL and TP for the best result with the above 100 orders.

Step 8. Continue to trade and write more data.

Step 9. Process and compare new data. Compare the results of the last 100 trades, with the last 200, with the last 500, with all the previous trades, selling will detect the changing market, bit by bit, continuously. Adjust your SL and TP levels according to the data collected.