1. Hit Stoploss finished then turn around

Losing money is already done, but losing money is done and the price turns in the right direction is what makes our traders bitter. Because it is only close to a few pips, instead of us losing money, we can make a profit.

Because of this thought, it makes us even more regretful. This frustration has caused us to make many wrong decisions, revenge trading is one of them.

2. Close to take profit and then turn around

This is the same as above but it takes profit, and one more thing is that it does not hit take profit. This type of trading order makes many traders mad. Should have made a profit but ended up taking a loss or even a loss.

Order types like these can only accept it with a pity, right now. But the problem is that this type of transaction makes many traders mad, the transaction is even more horrible, and the losses will be even heavier.

3. Close to touch the pending order and then go straight to take profit

This is also the type of trading that many brothers regret, but it is not as bad as the two types of trading above. There are times when placing pending orders, being close to match orders, but at the end of the day using prices running to take profits.

In this case, we regret the profit, because only a few pips deviation is already making a lot of money. 

Those are the 3 types of trading that have made me feel very regretful in the past. However, it is seldom seen at present. There may come a time when we find that regret in trading is not going to help us much. So it is important to learn how to control it before it becomes a real mentality in trading.