Why are successful traders not only able to make a profit, but can they maintain that profit in the long term consistently? For amateur traders, these are very difficult things. And without trust, this goal will never be achieved.

Only 1% of traders can do that. And of course it is not by accident that they can do it. There are always things we have to pay to get something. And here are two things that successful traders dare to put in effort to get them to be as successful as they are now.

1. Spend 10,000 hours practicing

Almost all newcomers looking for profit. Perhaps successful traders have also gone through this phase. But their difference lies in the fact that they soon get rid of wrong thoughts, approach more right thoughts and persist in that way of thinking without knowing if they will have any results or not.

They accept to spend 10,000 hours practicing a skill or operating a method. They accept to spend most of their time just practicing capital management or learning how to adjust their psychology.

They are willing to spend most of their time just trading with a single setup or practicing their analysis. During this time they may not make any profit at all. But as long as they keep doing this for a while, what they get will be beyond imagination. Even the profits are hard to match.

Then, your own experience will be more, richer. Patience becomes part of their personality and helps to stabilize their psychology, know the method, and trade more flexibly. So they completely have a basis to be confident that they can make a profit in the future.

2. Stay consistent for 10 years

This is something that few traders can do. How many times 10 years in a trader's journey? But there is a very small percentage of successful traders who can do these things.

Most traders, when they make a profit, they easily let themselves loose, being more subjective in trading, making it difficult for them to achieve consistency in trading. But successful traders are different. For them, consistency is the goal that they need to achieve in trading.

If any trader can achieve this, that means they have a consistent profit for 10 years and they can completely repeat this in 10 years or many times 10 years in the future.

So are you ready to spend 10,000 hours practicing just one thing and spend 10 years staying consistent in trading.