1, 2 painful facts about market speculation
  • Enter large volume with large winning trades and always Trade too big for losing trades
  • Mistakes (buy instead of sell, place to stop instead of the limit order, volume etc.) always cost money, even a lot of money - Peter Brandt, legendary trader

2, The new traders are they trade too big, 3 to 5 times higher than usual. They are taking 5-10% of a risk on a trade and they should only accept 1-2%. The heavy emotional tension from trading is really tiring; One day I could lose millions of dollars. If you are too mindful of these losses, you cannot make a profit - Bruce Kovner, legendary trader

3, The truth of investing and speculation: in the long run, we get what we deserve, fairly. - Lone Stock trader, professional stock trader

4, No matter how smart you think you are, the market is always smarter - William O 'Neil, a legendary stock speculator

5. While organizations benefit from complex things, retail traders even more from simple things - Trading Composure, Ivan, Professional Trader

6, 2 beliefs to have in trading:
  • My best day is still ahead
  • My worst day is still ahead
Follow the market with confidence, as your best trading day may be waiting for you in the future

But always be careful, as your worst day is yet to come - Lance Beggs

7, The most powerful weapon against uncertainty when not knowing whether to escape or to hold: LADS 1/2 POSITION

If the price goes up again, you can say "luckily I still have half of the position", if the price falls, you can say "luckily I sold half of the position". - Mark Minervini, the stock market witch

8. My most profitable stocks were more than 100% higher at the time I bought them. Then they double or triple again!

Most traders do not want to buy those stocks, because they believe the price is already too high. To me, it is a sign of great demand for these stocks - Julian Komar, professional stock trader

9, Trading 1 strategy with strict discipline will beat trading 10 strategies without discipline. Focus on one strategy only - Rayner Teo, professional trader

10. Follow a strategy, learn not to panic when you feel uncertain, and stay calm - it's your job. - Trading composure