When you first start trading, many of you always want to make a lot of profit. Whoever gets that will be considered lucky. But when you stick with trading for a short time, you will realize that it is not only unlucky but sometimes it is also unlucky. Not every profit is lucky. Many traders, because they make a lot of profit, are subjective, and then burn their accounts.

Luck is considered a rare element in trading, but there are still brothers who have this. However, because they did not know how to take advantage, they missed many opportunities to turn around. There are 3 things that are considered the luckiest in a trader's trading journey and if you have only one of these 3, try to make the most of it. It will help shorten the trading journey a lot.

1. Step into trading and meet a good teacher

The first stage is the crucial one, as a lot of you leave trading during this stage. This is a time when many traders lose direction and confidence. Most of the trading is losing and there is no specific way to trade.

However, if you meet a teacher, a predecessor or a guide who can help you orient your thinking, know what to do, what not to do, is extremely lucky. Starting like that will be easier for a lot of people. Moreover, having a guide will shorten a lot of time for traders and also do not lose too much money on the market.

This luck is not met by everyone because in fact most of the brothers are relying on themselves to go up. Not to mention, it is not easy to find a mentor who is as passionate about trading as it is right now. Therefore, meeting a good senior is considered a blessing.

2. Trading with the right method

This is the second luck factor. Because there are a lot of traders out there with dozens of methods, years of searching, even there are people who already have the method but spend a long time backtesting. found it inappropriate.

Finding a suitable method is important because it is how traders make money later. A lot of traders spend a very long time searching. And having a method that works for you is considered a very lucky thing in trading.

3. Get the right mindset early

Wrong thinking can make a trader stand still and make no progress in the whole trading journey. No matter how many methods you change, how good your skills are will make it possible for traders to get the results they want.

The mindset in trading is to be patient, to accept failure, to know how to limit risks, to study hard and, importantly, to know how to remove the ego, the trading path will be very open.

Those of you who have these 3 things in trading, then consider that we have had a rare bit of luck, just make good use of it, then it is considered half way through the transaction.