1. Have a long-term mindset

This is easy said, but very difficult to do. Because it is very vague, especially for inexperienced traders. How is it called long term?

For professional traders, they will not be too concerned with a single losing trade, when trading they also do not care about the small profits ahead. What they invest is to build for themselves a solid foundation such as strategy, skills, experience, thinking, ...

It may take a long time for them to perfect, but they accept and try to limit the loss as small as possible. That means, there will be losses in the process, but it does not affect their psychology too much.

2. Overcoming failure and not giving up

Failure is inevitable in trading, and most inexperienced traders fail to get past these failures. If it's not depressed, it's to blame and then give up.

Successful traders do the opposite. For them, failure is not simply a challenge of the market that they must overcome. They turn failure into experience and lessons for themselves, turn failure into motivation for them to continue their trading journey.

3. Focus 100% mentally on process, not results

Another thing that professional traders take very seriously during their trading is that they take trading extremely seriously. They focus entirely on planning and process to get the right strategies according to the criteria they need.

Of course there will still be strategies that, although quality but still lose money, but they will still make a profit in the long term by adhering to the principle and doing well in the trading process.

Loss traders will only care about profits, how well a strategy is implemented is not what they focus on. That is the reason why most of their trades are at a loss.

In short, if any trader wants to be successful in trading, then we should take lessons from the previous traders right now. At least you can do the three things mentioned above, there will be a big change in your mindset and trading results.

Take a quick summary of three important things that successful traders do every day: think long-term, overcome failures and focus on the trading process.