1. Don't blindly follow the opinion of others without doing your own research. Use the tools available to research, research, and analyze the market.

Tradingview is an expansion and growth. Encourage people to publish their ideas, chat and follow others. We become an environment for traders to meet fellow traders, learn and grow. But as social media converges with the marketplace, there are some important risks to discuss
  • Avoid getting into bad habits, influenced by popular opinion and others.
  • Avoid doing something you don't have an opinion on, analyze or evaluate it yourself objectively. These risks may include Trading before you are ready, overtrading due to too many ideas, opening large positions that your account cannot take, and changing your mind mid-trade.
  • Stay calm and think ahead. Take advantage of the tools available and try to find other opinions that challenge your point.
2. Don't expect profits to come easily just because people are talking about it. Instead, seek unbiased reviews that reinforce your own ideas.

No matter how many likes a trading idea gets, no matter how confident its author is or how many comments below it, there is no guarantee the market will go as planned. It makes more sense to examine, study, and research an idea for yourself first to see if it fits into your long-term plans. The bottom line is: Never rely on someone else's point of view as a substitute for your own analysis before making an actual trading decision.

3. Do not join groups that provide signals. Instead, focus on building your long-term strategy and maintaining a realistic approach.

As social media and financial markets converge, more and more people are looking for easy answers about when to buy or sell. As mentioned many times before. You won't learn anything from mere buy or sell signals. You have to study, research the path to those decisions, and if it makes sense and effective, learn how to use and improve on them. Using them properly will help you grow on your way to becoming a trader while also giving you very practical benefits in the long run.

There is no better way to learn than to immerse yourself in an environment that exposes you to a wide variety of ideas, conversations, and strategies. Suggestions or views from others on social media can also help you make better decisions, but only when used sensibly.