1. Method of trading

In fact, traders should first grasp the knowledge of capital management. But this knowledge will only really help you see results when you have your own trading method.

The method of helping traders to trade more systematically and methodically, traders only focus on a few times or certain market conditions or rather focus on trading with their own strengths...

Finding a method that works for you is not easy, traders may have to backtest many methods over a long period of time to find the right one. But if you have chosen to trade as your profession, then you must be patient enough to get what you want.

2. Capital management

This is the second goal that traders need to achieve, that is to understand and have a good way of capital management. No matter how good the method is and a trader does not manage capital, it is still not possible to make a profit in the long term. Even the opposite.

Traders should have their own principles in capital management and adhere to them throughout the next trading journey. And of course, if we want to do it, it takes time for us to slowly improve.

3. Discipline

There are traders who, when participating in trading, just want to keep themselves disciplined is fun. But as a profession, you not only have to keep disciplined, but you have to make this your principle, your habit, even your trading style, and maintain it during your trading. . Because discipline and capital management are one of the tickets that help you manage your risks well and trade to your strengths.

4. Psychology

The ultimate goal is psychology. This is also the toughest goal. Because of the above goals, more or fewer traders can also determine how to do it. Psychology is almost difficult to control.

From the very first days of trading, you have met the mentality. But it takes a certain period for you to realize how strong psychology affects the trading process and start planning your training.

Whatever the stage, the trader always has to ensure a stable mentality and this is also the goal that traders must strive to achieve.