1. Don't change the trading system or rather just trade one system

Traders always feel not enough or there are also many Traders looking for better, better things. That's why they incorporate or change their trading methods. The fact that a Trader knows many trading methods is not necessarily a good thing. Even the truth is that many traders lose money because they know or combine too many methods together.

If you have seen this truth then do not stumble. Stick with a method long enough to see its effectiveness.

2. Stop searching for perfection

Add a fact in trading that many traders probably already know, that is, there is no perfection in trading. Don't go looking for something that never exists, because the most loser in this action is yourself.

Seeking perfection makes traders become conservative, gives rise to fear, and especially they do not have many opportunities to make money trading but sometimes end up jumping into the worst opportunities.

If instead, you should look for opportunities that belong to your own strengths, knowing how to evaluate the ability to participate in trading is the biggest advantage for us. When you do this for a long time, you will clearly see the strength as well as the performance that this trading style gives you. And in particular, the mentality will become a lot better.

3. Trade with confidence

Many traders think that if things are not good, then confidence is not obtained. But in fact, you don't have to be good to be confident.

You just follow the principle of trading, managing your capital fully, and bringing with you a mentality that, if you have placed orders, learn how to trade decisively, trust your decisions. That is, in the process, you do not worry impatiently, do not panic, and fear that your trading order deviates from the original plan.

Maybe at first, you lose money, but this mindset forms you with an assertive, confident, and fully responsible trading mentality for every decision you make.

4. Low-risk limit

This is important to keep you mentally stable. That is to always keep the risk low, within the limits that you yourself accept. That means that every transaction you make is within the risk you accept. As you do this over a period of time, you will get used to it. At a certain point, you will no longer consider the risk.

At that time, you will only focus on the important things that help you get a profit while ensuring the risks are under control. Just like that, your psychology gradually stabilizes with the transaction process.