Here are 5 ways that a strategy, even with all the rules, still loses money

1. Your entry point has entered the order according to all principles and it is beneficial for you but because you do not have a reasonable exit strategy (it may be too far or too close, it may not be true) makes for a nice entry but a loss as a result. Therefore, entry and exit points are both important, traders need their own strategies and principles. Don't focus so much on the entry point that you forget the exit point.

2. Your entry point is right but at the wrong time. The wrong time here maybe, you have entered the order correctly but the signal you entered is not really strong, or you arbitrarily exited the order, making the strategy not yet profitable and turned out to be a loss. Moreover, a lot of traders after a loss leave, do not plan to re-enter the order with that signal, so the result is a lot of correct signals but in the end, nothing is gained.

3. The right entry point with the advantage but the wrong currency pair. There are certain currency pairs or stocks or products where you still see a tradeable setup. But in reality, you need to understand the price movement as well as the characteristics and liquidity of that product before making a trade.

4. Correct entry but stop-loss too soon. The reason may be because you trade too much volume, causing the price to go against your judgment, making you psychological and exiting the trade before it becomes profitable. Or the stop loss is too close when the market has news that makes your trade stop loss early. Therefore, determining the right volume and determining a viable stop loss is also an important factor in helping you to make a profit.

5. Your trade is done according to all criteria, even the entry point is very nice but in the end, this strategy can still be lost by unexpected news. This is the case where you need to accept such an outcome and calm down and then find your next trade.

Here are 5 ways the market still makes you lose even when you see that everything is still right. However every loss has a cause, you need to find out the reason behind such trades. If we lose because of probability, we can simply move on to the next trade.

Every losing trade is a lesson for the trader, so no matter how you lose, try to learn the lesson for yourself.