1. Don't underestimate self-study

Even if you have some extraordinary genius, you will still get punched in the face by the market every day if you underestimate self-education.

The market does not care who you are, as long as you lack trading knowledge, you will receive bitter fruit.

Self-study is one of the best methods for individual traders. Because through evaluation, observation, and learning from every source you can access will give you an extremely valuable amount of trading knowledge.

It is worth it because you will save a lot of time, effort and money instead of rushing into the market like a moth and still have to pay "tuition" but at a much more expensive price. 

2. Always have a plan

No matter what trading style or strategy you follow, you still need a plan to make a profit.

Having good trading signals does not mean that your trading process will eventually yield good results. Because there are still difficulties that without a plan you will quickly fall into a state of panic, not knowing how to decide.

That is why any trader should have a plan to exploit the full potential and effectiveness of the trading strategy.

3. Not trading is sometimes a winning trade

It may seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that not trading in uncertain or potentially risky situations is as valuable as a winning trade.


Because that action helps you avoid taking a loss.

Profitable trading is like sniping. You often see in action movies, snipers are involved and rarely act, but once they are released, the target is certain to fall.

You've probably seen the similarities between sniping and trading.

As long as you are patient, ignore all noise signals and filter out only the best, the rewards you will receive will certainly be large.

4. Risk reduction is a top priority

Is a successful trader the one with the magic trades that bring in a ton of money?

No, the truth is that the work of profitable traders is quite boring. Because they are absorbed in finding ways to limit and minimize risks.

Because of that, their trading style is somewhat tedious, perhaps they often avoid risks to protect their long-term goals.

5. Accept that there is no such thing as perfection in trading

It makes no sense to think about finding a trading opportunity where you have a 100% probability of winning.

In trading, nothing is perfect. There are always difficulties waiting for you.

Expecting too much from a perfect trade can affect your whole trading process. The more you expect, the greater the disappointment (when losing) will be.

But luckily you don't need to seek perfection to be profitable in trading. All you need is a trading system that is efficient enough and you have the patience to follow it to the end.

In other words, discipline is perfection in trading.

6. Only trade when the mood is positive

The market often irritates you. Can you retaliate?

No. of course. Because if you do, only you will suffer.

Negative emotions are a ticking time bomb for traders. The longer you let anger, frustration, irritation, the more damage the account suffers.

Instead of having to trade and be angry at the same time, why don't you fold the screen and wait until you are happy and comfortable before continuing. Not trading is sometimes a winning trade, right.