Experiencing account declines is very normal for traders when trading in the market. Traders who trade sideways markets experience this when the market is trending. And trend traders experience this when the market reverses, day traders experience this when the market fluctuates wildly without direction. And most traders suffer heavy losses and do not overcome such cases of account decline.

In fact, the key to surviving in these cases is that traders need to be disciplined and manage their capital so that account declines are significantly improved. If you have a string of losses that has caused your account to plummet and you are at a loss for what to do, try these 7 tips to get your trading spirit back.

1. When encountering a losing trade, the trader should reduce the size of the trade to 50%. You will keep trading smaller until you feel stable with a loss limit that you accept. Stay like that until the profit chain begins to appear.

2. Only accept to lose 1% of your capital for each transaction made. Although this is a bit cliché, it helps traders avoid many temptations by large trades.

3. Stay disciplined with all your trading strategies. Don't be careless, every entry or exit point must follow the rules.

4. Don't give up on your strategy, as it takes time and the right market conditions to be profitable. You need to be patient to see it.

5. Don't admit losses are your own if you strictly follow the principles of trading according to the proven system.

6. Don't be tempted by revenge or loss trading. Always cut losses at predetermined price zones no matter how sorry you are.

7. Follow the signal that you have analyzed and waited for before, when the opportunity arises get ready to enter the market. There will be times when you have a losing streak, but you have to understand what your strengths are. Even if you encounter a series of losses, if your psychology is stable, the risk is still under control and the market is still in accordance with your strategy, there is no reason to stop.

Applying this trading tip, you will gradually overcome such situations. Of course, in the future you will encounter a series of losses again, even professional traders cannot avoid such cases. So you need time to practice this, gradually you will quickly grasp how to overcome such a situation without taking much time. You just need to follow certain rules in this.

Risk management and discipline are the most important keys to overcoming these.