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- Tori Barry said she used her savings to buy shares of GameStop and movie theater company AMC at a time when the stock was near its peak. Immediately, she lost 2,500 pounds. Barry said: "We're not big investors. Even though we didn't lose a few million pounds, for us it was the rent, the service bill. Don't know how we will get it back."

- Barry shared: "We've lost so much. So the only way to have a chance of making money is to keep holding." She is closely following the discussions on the WSB and believes the stock will rise again. She said: " Trust Elon Musk, his tweets will have a big impact. With his encouragement, the retail investor will win."

- Michael, an accountant at a company, said he withdrew $69,000 from his Vanguard retirement fund to buy GameStop when the price dropped to $230 a share on Monday. However, as the stock continued to plunge, he sold off the stock and lost $42,000...." Saved up for that money for three and a half years. And in a moment of my weakness, made things worse." He believes that he will regain his lost money until he officially retires.

And here are the comments from some experts

- Joe Saluzzi, partner at Themis Trading, said: "They are leading the sheep to 'butcher'. He added, billionaires like Cuban, Musk and Palihapitiya are making retail investors believe. , they don't understand that these are gambles.

- Greg Davies, financial behavior expert at Oxford Risk, observes that people are very good at "deceiving themselves" when it comes to both large profits and losses. "It's been a feature of every financial disaster and bubble since the dawn of time," he said. "Once we want to believe something will make us rich quick, we are very good at sifting through information. That's underrated."

Source: CafeF, Financial Times​

There is a fact that I find very popular recently, that is that Uncle Elon Musk often posts on twitter to promote some low-cap stocks and some "junk coins" in the money market. electronic. Don't understand what's behind the scenes? However, it is quite blind for us to believe these things.

You probably also remember in 2017, there was another very famous player, that is Uncle John McAfee - who is known by the crypto community as Mr. Eat Dick has forecast Bitcoin will be worth $500,000 by the end of the year, otherwise he will "Eat his own" on the live show. He then made a forecast of 1M $ for this coin by the end of 2020. And the truth is, you know, despite the FOMO, pushing the price up to a certain extent, the Bitcoin price has not been able to move forward yet. dream figure 1M $.

Going back to GameStop stock and the WSB group (WallstreetBets), despite the growing losses, many WSB users continue to "join up" to urge others to continue buying this stock.

Obviously, there have been manipulations that take advantage of madness and greed, and in the end, the people who suffer the most are still retail investors and traders.