In any field, the most professional, skilled and best will make the most money. Trading is the same, only the most elite and professional people can make money. Those are the people who have passed the harsh test of the market and are rewarded with profits. So how to get professional in trading?

Suppose we have 3 levels on the learning path:

Level 1: We can attend seminars, watch videos, read books, attend tutorials where experts or successful traders, professional traders teach us how to Trade.

Level 2: You can take intensive courses from experts to learn how they trade.

Level 3: We can work as students and assistants of professional traders to really participate and lead in their trading.

What was discovered was that level 1 was only good at imparting knowledge, but had no value in building professionalism. Level 2 is useful in describing what needs to be done, but is very limited in actually helping us do it. The third method involves direct involvement in the daily work of professional players, and participants are actually judged on their performance.

Trading together of traders at SMB is learning at level 3: doing together, learning together and progressing together. It creates a framework for traders to learn each other's skills, one to the other's advantage, and to improve little by little every day. Mentoring and mentoring really work.

So what if we don't have anyone to guide or guide us? It is completely possible to self-mentoring by logging transactions, learning, learning, and self-assessment - repeating the entire process of working together with traders in SMB. That is the only way to become a professional in trading.