Look at the chart to find the Setup to enter the order: with Setup SELL, the price must be below the blue MA and the Heiken Ashi candlesticks must be red and have a little upper shadow. Conversely, for BUY to want the price to be above the blue MA, it is a green candle with a little lower shadow.

The blue/pink round dots are from the QQE indicator, green is a BUY signal and pink is a SELL signal. This is only one part of the trading system, we need the consensus of all indicators to enter the order.

Now look at the momentum indicators, only SELL when it crosses down the white dashed horizontal line AND the DMI (directional movement index) makes a crossover: the purple line crosses the blue line. Conversely, only BUY when the momentum indicator crosses the dashed horizontal line AND the DMI indicator crosses: the purple line crosses the green line.

Setup around 2am EST time to 6am EST. If during this time there is no big enough breakout, then only trade after this time frame. The next best time to Trade is the US opening hours.

Combining the signals from the QQE indicator (round dot), the MA, the momentum indicator, and the DMI, if all the indicators agree, it will be a high probability trade. Sometimes QQE will give a dotted signal first, then you need to wait for other indicators to signal before entering to avoid unnecessary early and negative entry.

Will trailing stop to lock in profits: at 20 pips lock 7 pips, when 30 pips lock 14 pips, and when 35 pips lock 20 pips. Since then you just keep trailing stop at 20 pips and let the price run, sometimes you can catch a wave over 100 pips on GBPJPY within 5 minutes.

Use the 15-minute frame on the following currency pairs: GBPJPY, EURJPY, CADJPY, NZDJPY, GBPUSD

  • QQE alert set period 1
  • DMI is 14
  • Momentum 10
  • MA 8

For example:

The SELL setup is very nice when we have QQE for the pink dot, the price is trading below the MA and momentum cuts down to the horizontal line in turn, and the DMI makes a crossover. Surfing very long waves.

For example:

From left to right: after taking profit 94 pips, QQE has a green dot but the remaining 2 Indi disagree —> no BUY.

QQE has a pink dot, momentum cuts down, DMI has a purple line above the green line —> SELL takes profit 66 pips.

QQE has a green mark, the remaining 2 indiums disagree —> no BUY. Similar to the next bets.

Notice the small candles with shadows on both shows that the market is confused and has not determined the direction yet.