When the alarm rang, he was fast asleep and sat up. The half-lidded eyes were still sleepy, lazily sitting at the computer desk and turning on the computer.

Get used to these things, so quickly wake up and look at the computer screen right away. GBPUSD 5 minute time frame is ready. It is now 2:10 am, the information about the FOMC minutes meeting has been announced. GBPUSD fell about 40 pips to the level of 1.9730 - this was the bottom of that day.

Click on the title, read the summary for some information of the FOMC meeting. Then reopen the GBPUSD chart and wait for the price movement to find a buy and sell point after the news.

But it seems that this pair has lost all its strength to decrease, and there is no sign of a price increase. Therefore, shutdown and go to sleep.


Before slept much, it was already morning. Start the day with breakfast, still in front of the computer screen. Do you know what to do? Monitor the price movement of 4 currency pairs that regularly trade USDCHF, EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD at the same time. These 4 currency pairs are the first thing to check every morning.

Then, quickly scroll through the news sites to see if there are any highlights today regarding the currency pair to be traded. Sometimes there is a pile of information to read, sometimes there is nothing to see.

Analysis based on current reports and graphs already has clues. Draw some support and resistance levels for the USDCHF pair first because according to analysis, the price will move in a narrow range, not break out. Also, place pending orders at those levels.

Waiting for a big price increase / decrease in the currency pairs, but almost as expected, the price did not fluctuate much, possibly due to the FOMC news released a few hours ago.

The market is boring. The job now is to pull out books to read, surf on traderviet to learn new knowledge.


Noon is the most important time, because that's when we go to eat. But just in time to change clothes and go to dinner with friends, the USDCHF pair suddenly rose to near the resistance level that was drawn, nearby there was a SELL order placed, which is likely to be filled.

As a habit, quickly check the news to see if it has an impact on USDCHF? But it seems that the movement of USDCHF is not driven by news.

The price has almost reached the order, just a little more to come. Now is the time to focus 100% on the screen.

Suddenly, the price stopped going up, but dropped. So you missed the train. The price fell 12 pips, if it went up a little more I could have made my first profit of the day.

While thinking, suddenly the price increased again and the SELL order was filled. So delicious. But now is the price whether to break out of the resistance and draw to the upside. Price goes up 5 pips then 10 pips. Currently, it is losing, but not too worried because the price has not broken out of resistance.


Looks like USDCHF's downside has dried up. Other traders are also starting to want to jump on the SHORT SELL it. The order returns to breakeven.

Set the clock to that hour to alert you to be able to do other things besides trading. Usually you can do a lot of things, read books, write books, do housework. Only then will you not feel bored and avoid illness when you have to sit at the computer from day to day. 

After noon, the clock rang, back to USDCHF, at this time, the price dropped sharply and almost touched my takeprofit. Perhaps the bigboys closed their BUY orders, so the price dropped. Not too much! So within half an hour, USDCHF was closed with a preset profit.


Look for other opportunities based on your analytical skills and principles.

The order sounds easy to eat, but because it mainly tells about my activities, not to mention the details of how I trade. Of course, USDCHF sell orders must be carefully analyzed based on your own skills and experience. There is a high probability that the price will drop, but sometimes the price goes up a little, it does not affect daily life. You can still spend time doing things other than trading.

Trading is fun, not a hindrance. You can get everything organized, but it takes a long time to adapt this full-time job into your life.

Until now, life is still very good, still making a living with the job.