Understanding BO has also been around for nearly 2 months and it burned nearly $2000, perhaps for some traders it is just a small amount but it is all that has accumulated for a year, exchanging sweat, bitter tears to have. 

Only in the first days of joining, listening to the master experts introduce themselves as having 3 YEARS of EXPERIENCE in this field and then getting today, at that time it was a NEWBIE listen to x YEARS, it was good enough now read it Newly discovered thread owner's post.

Then the expert opened the zoom to teach the members pp teardrop, martingle, ... Then 1 time loss of 32%, then the expert started to learn about CANDLES and opened the zoom to guide everyone HOW TO VIEW CANDLES, then In times of method testing, using candlesticks, experts recommend that you should trade yourself rather than depend on zoom cases waiting to read orders, and then some people trade and show profits earning 1.2%.

Later, there were a lot of people who traded on their own and flew away, wondering: Why don't these people show their accounts to the community? Why only winners show, they never lose? It's because of the so-called SELF, who is stupid to show their WORST for others to criticize.

This world is bad not because of the bad guys but because of the silence of the good people.

Experts also know those cases and say: These are cases of wrong method, wrong capital management, psychology.

Ok, every newbie is like that, just don't trade by yourself and only go to Zoom to listen to orders, later those who read orders on Zoom have experienced traders who are only 1.2 months old and have been trained by experts , what will happen will happen, then there are cases when the order is zoomed out 16%, 32%, sometimes 1 week, 2 or 3 times to 32% orders, then the times of taking losses, then the weeks of 20-30% profit , and most recently the Bitcoin market volatility case Tesla bought 1.5 billion USD of Bitcoin and the expert also lost $ 2800 (60%) of his account and at that time I almost burned my account.