1. Brand new Trader

If you just learned the concept of trading yesterday, last week or even last month then you should not aim for "real" profits.

Why not "real" profits?

The demo account is one of the great trading practice tools. It gives traders (especially newbies) the freedom to experience real trading without worrying about the amount of money in the account (demo).

If you are a completely new trader, you should only aim for "virtual" profits, that is, the money that you make from the demo account.

At this point, you may think: "It's not worth the effort to trade but in the end you can't withdraw your money, what's the point of demo?"

Just try trading for a month or two on the demo. Then summarizing, both the total loss and the profit, see if you have really made a profit.

Many new demo traders still think it's easy to win, but they may have forgotten or ignored the virtual money they lost.

In a nutshell: In the first 1-2 months, it doesn't matter how much you earn from the market, you just need to make sure you've been learning and mastering the basics of trading. At the same time, you just need to test trade with the demo and check how much you gain or lose at the end of the month.

2. Traders already have a basic understanding

In this new group of traders, there is a big difference from the first group, which is that they start trading real money.

There will be big winning trades, making them happy. But there is no shortage of defeats that want to be depressed. There is some confusion and anxiety about trading at this stage.

Although you have equipped yourself with an effective trading strategy, it seems that the market is not as simple and easy to make money as you once thought.

So how much profit should we aim for?

The answer is to keep your capital intact.

In other words, you just need to set a "gentle" goal that sums up your trades every month you don't lose money.

Why is it so weird, even if it's even like that?!?!

There is actually a reason.

In the first 3 - 8 months period, you are very easy to lose, partly because you do not have enough real experience with the market, but more of it is your own psychology.

Just a moment of lack of control, you will easily take revenge on the market, bake all your money into a huge trade to remove the gauze if it was a loss that was too bitter.

That is just one case, there are thousands upon billions of other issues related to trading psychology.

In a nutshell: in the stage where you have the basics, you should trade real money, but just aiming to break even is enough. Because there are a lot of traders in this stage who have lost all the time and give up.