Why you should keep a trading journal.

Every day, at the beginning of a new business day or before a trade session, you reread what you have drawn from the Trading Log, which will help not to forget the points that made us profit and loss before.

In short, a trader's trading diary is a place where traders look at themselves after each trade, and then learn lessons from experience. Still the classic saying, "Rome was not built in a day", so is the trader.

Just learn a little bit every day from the market, from ourselves, then at some point we will make a profit.

You can download the sample file of the Transaction Log in the attached file.

Note that the trade recorded in the diary is just a sample for you.

Some notes when writing a transaction log.

In addition to this log, you should make an accompanying picture diary, take pictures when you enter the trade and directly record your analysis on it. You can take notes with Windows' Paint tool too.

You take a picture as soon as you enter the command (press the Print Screen button (Prt Sc) on the screen, then when you are free to open Paint, press Ctrl + V to finish), one image when exiting the command, and then make notes on those two images. Notes can be in Paint or if you have a printer, you can print them out or hand-write them.

You make one more file to record Conclusions drawn from the above notes, like lessons learned.

This file will record the conclusions of both technical analysis (such as what patterns I can see, what patterns are good or wrong...) and psychological developments (trade 0.3 lot feels shaky, trade 0.2 psychological lot ok, go to the toilet without worrying about burning the account, or the risk of 4% of the account is a bit big, choose 2% ...).

Please write honestly, do not write "honorable". This Conclusion File will be the lessons that are often read over and over again.

You can add more columns in the Excel file if you find the need is more.