Do not study the basics of financial speculation before putting money in trading. This is a mistake a lot of new traders make, they are impatient to spend money without understanding what they are doing

2, Unrealistic, unrealizable profit target expectations and illusory fantasies about financial speculation. There are hopes to get rich from trading that could replace the main job and hopefully make a big money out of the market in just a short time.

3, Entering orders with too large volume for many reasons: hoping to make a large amount of money in a short time or want to trade avenge previous losing orders to regain capital; leading to a large loss that cannot be recovered or worse than bankruptcy. Continue to charge more, burn more, charge more, burn more, until you realize you have lost too much to the market, it is too late.

4, Trading without a specific plan leads to almost random trading results (like tossing a coin, having no special advantages). This way of trading if it is profitable is just "new hand gambling", will quickly return the profit to the market and lose money afterward.

5, Using non-own money or more heavily than borrowing from a bank to transact causes pressure to make huge money and poor transaction results due to too great pressure.

6, Trading in low liquidity markets leading to inability to exit orders, maximum spread, and high trading fees

7, Applying someone else's system without verifying the past or not really understanding the system causes a loss of confidence in the system (because it is not understood, it is impossible to have confidence in the system), and lack of discipline in the process of applying the system, from which the trading results will be very poor, causing the trader to want to change to another system. Just repeat like that

8, Continuously changing the system when encountering losses, causing inconsistent trading results. The system must be applied for a long time to give reliable results

9, Continuously looking for a system that never loses or can make money every day, every week. Such a system does not exist, because the market is always changing. The right question is which system is right for you that you can trust in the long run

10, Learn without practice: only Trade Demo without real deposit, just "trade mouth", you will never understand the feeling of putting real money in the market.