What is the goal you choose to trade?

Maybe each person will have a different answer, but all have one point: make money from the market and further get rich.

But is trading really a place where anyone can get rich?

This article will give you the answer.

Trading requires high discipline

Although trading is one of the few jobs where you can be free in time and space, this does not mean that this job requires low discipline.

On the contrary, trading is definitely one of those areas that requires a very high degree of discipline.

Before making any trade, you also need a meticulous plan and set of trading rules to minimize the bad scenario.

Of course, if you only see trading as a secondary source of income, a temporary experience and do not intend to see trading as a job that can be made rich, then you certainly don't need to worry too much about the above.

But if you intend to "live or die" with trading, make a lot of money from the market, discipline is what you need to have.

This is also the first reason why trading is not a place to get rich for everyone.

Trading risk is not small

Trading is risky, and not small at all.

Even if you have a gambling blood, trading will give you the same experience and burn out as a casino.

Risk is of course not a factor for the vast majority.

No one wants to lose all their money when the goal they come to trading is to make money. But with the risk of trading, many traders have "fallen" before reaching that pink dream.

Great pressure

Is a job without any constraints of time and space, do it if you like, or take a break, is it a leisurely thing?

Maybe this will be true in some areas but definitely not in trading.

Trading is extremely stressful.

Where does this pressure come from?

Coming from the same risk mentioned above. Every decision you make can cost you money.

That is, you must analyze carefully before clicking, not to mention your emotions may increase or decrease according to the chart you are glued to.

Great pressure must be a factor that is not suitable for the majority.

Requires large capital

You can start practicing real money trading with just $10 (mini account). But to really get rich from trading how much do you think this number is?

Still $10? You have a sense of humour.

Or $100? Less funny but still unrealistic.

$1000? Enough for you to start a serious trading career.

But to get really rich? Let's say you can afford to make a steady 1-5% monthly return on your account over the long term. Every month you want to have at least $1000 profit. Then your initial capital must be at least $100,000. It's certainly not an ideal number for everyone.

Only about 5-10% of traders are really profitable

A lot of people think that only about 5-10% of traders actually make a profit from the market.

Thus, the remaining 90% had losses, many of which lost all the money invested.

Thus, from the initial goal of getting rich, they seem to have lost the "initial bet" and it also shows the harsh reality that not everyone can make money and get rich from trading.