Price Action principles are the most talked about in the trading methods of legendary traders. Some say the principle of Price Action is to follow the trend, others say it is to listen to what the market is saying. Our legendary traders have analyzed, respected, and leveraged Price Action principles to beat the market for decades on end.

The Price Action Principle - Jesse Livermore

  • “Behind these massive price movements are unstoppable forces.”
  • “That's all we need to know, it's not good to be curious about the causes behind price movement. You run the risk of filling your mind with unimportant things. Just realize that price movement is there and take advantage of it by steering your ship to ride it. Don't argue with the market, and most importantly don't fight it."
  • “Markets are never wrong – judgments are wrong a lot”.
The Price Action Principle - Humphrey Neill

  • “We don't know what the inside traders will do, but we can see their orders on the order sheet. That's why my advice is never to make your own judgments, let market action tell you what's going on.”
  • “Market action – the buying and selling forces of a stock – is recorded on the quote machine. To the untrained eye and brain, the quote machine means nothing, but for the person learning to be a trader it is an opportunity…”
  • “…don't argue with the quote machine”.
The Price Action Principle - Nicolas Darvas

“Stocks don't fly but bubble in any direction. Like being attracted to a magnet, they establish a clear uptrend or downtrend that, once formed, tends to continue.”
“The basic strategy has always been this: buy only in an uptrend… and when the trend continues, buy more”.
“Based on the behavior of the stock that gave profits without knowing the reasons behind the price increase. Being an insider doesn't have to be an insider.”

The Price Action Principle - Richard Dennis

  • “The purest trend-following system that can be built. It eliminates things like moving averages and price cycles that are useless, and very deceptive in determining price trends.”
  • “Markets that are trending are what will eventually turn out to be profitable.”
  • “Trend is you”.
  • “If you see a trend forming, enter the market”.