Legendary traders all have one thing in common: they always go out of their way to win big orders to make up for their losses and leave excess profits. That's the only way they can still make a lot of profit without having to win too many times. Legendary traders how to get big winning orders.

George Soros: "Has a lousy win rate - less than 50 percent and possibly even less than 30 percent"

Stan Druckenmiller: “Learned many things from him (Soros), but perhaps the most important thing is: it doesn't matter whether you are wrong or right, it matters how much money you make when you are right and how much you lose when you are right. you're wrong."

Richard Dennis: "All profits come from only 5% of the trades entered."

Jerry Parker: “60% of my trades are losses”.

Paul Tudor Jones: “It is very difficult to find a successful fundamentalist, because it is very difficult to have a win rate of around 50%”.

Bernard Baruch: “Even being right 3 or 4 out of 10 times can make a huge fortune for a trader if he knows how to cut his losses quickly…”

Jesse Livermore:
  • “Thinking has never made big money. Always thanks to the wait. Do you understand? Being able to sit still and wait makes money!”
  • “They say you will never be poor from taking profits. Of course you won't be poor anywhere. And you can't get rich from taking 4 points in a bull market."
  • “You know you're right because if you're wrong, you won't make any profit. Let it glide and glide with it.”
  • “People who can both be right and sit still are rare. Found out that it was the hardest thing to learn. But a speculator can only make money when he really understands this.”

Nicolas Darvas:
  • “It would be foolish to sell a stock while it is still going up.”
  • “It is better to hold a rising stock for a long time than to wrestle with dozens of stocks in a short period of time.”
  • “There is no such thing as a good stock or a bad stock. Only stocks that go up and stocks that fall - and only keep those that go up and sell those that go down.”
  • “The hardest thing is staying disciplined so you don't sell a rising stock too soon. Always sell too soon. It takes practice to hold a stock for a long time, and at the same time continuously raise the stop loss on its upward momentum.”

Richard Dennis: “Anytime the market has rallied a significant amount…after you've had a previous position, you should probably add to it.”