Here are the lessons learned about what J-Park did to succeed

1. He failed many times with small capital before succeeding

We see this kind of success many of the market wizards Jack Schwager interviewed. Lessons learned from previous failures help determine what will lead to success. Success comes from perseverance and the ability to learn from failures.

2. He has a lot of mentors

This is the key. Whether it's chess, gymnastics, performing arts, or the ultimate military, we find that people who do something successfully are mentored and trained. The presence of multiple mentors allows multiple perspectives to be integrated together, resulting in a distinct approach. Especially J-Park advisors such as InvestorsLIve, Modern_rock, Kroyrunner and MikeBellafiore (twitter nicks) have also mentored other successful traders. A good advisor will help someone do a good job.

3. He focuses on the process

As he said, we can't control profit/loss, we can only control our trading process: what we trade and how we trade them. Successful traders may differ in their decision making, but it will not be random. Successful trading is about following the rules, which comes from understanding who's in the market and what they're doing.

This is the fourth ingredient of success, and it helps to explain why many successful fund managers start out as short-term traders and trade a lot. Short-term trading helps make a lot of experimentation to learn (ie trade a lot, learn a lot). If you are an investor and you hold a position from 6 months to 1 year, how much experimentation will there be to learn during your trading career? A daytrader will have more than 200 trials in 1 year - even more if you learn to trade with virtual software, and continuously record and evaluate your trades... These tests acts as a cognitive exercise, helping to build a trader's decision making and pattern recognition skills.

However, these worldly learning experiments will not lead to the accumulation of experience if we do it randomly. The reason we need mentoring and this is the key point along with discipline is that the right training leads to learning experimentation towards optimal development. Great athletes not only practice every day, they also do the right exercises. The same is true in building a successful trader.