Confident traders do not judge trading results.

One of the clearest signs of a trader's confidence trait is not judging the outcome of a trade, whether it's good or bad.

Judgment action only tells one thing that the trader is trading emotionally, easily happy, easily angry.

You may have noticed that, every time you have a strong emotion about the outcome of a trade, you have high expectations for the trade. High expectations lead to overjoyed when trades win and downfall when losing trades. This shows that trading decisions are not based on discipline, reason and thoroughness when analyzing the market.

Traders are proud to exaggerate their personal achievements

Conceited traders tend to talk too much and exaggerate about personal achievements. The reason is because they don't want to accept flaws or inferiority, even though it's not necessarily bad.

Everyone knows that trading is impossible without losses, those losses do not mean failure, it is simply probability. But proud Traders just want to have an invincible record, 100 trades must be 100 big winning trades.

And when they are faced with a loss, they will often get angry and refuse to accept reality. Unfortunately this only makes the results worse.

Traders confidently accept challenges

Trading is not simple, that is a fact that anyone will agree with.

It's not simply that the market is constantly challenging you. If you are a confident trader, you will certainly accept new challenges with a positive energy.

(Those challenges should, of course, be within reach, realistic, and achievable.)

Conceited traders often worry

Also willing to accept the challenge, the arrogant trader will worry about this decision and about the challenge that is about to be faced.

The reason is because they know that they are not really as good as they are trying to be. That makes them worry about possible risks.

And also to prove that the trade is winning, sometimes they (conceited traders) can take more risk per trade than necessary. That act of arrogance certainly makes them insecure and can lead them to make their own mistakes.

How to avoid becoming a conceited trader?

It is not difficult for you to avoid becoming a conceited trader but still maintain confidence in your trading style.

You can apply the following:

1. Avoid expecting too much from the results. The essence of trading is not to make a profit on every trade, you can't do that. Profit comes from you winning big, losing small. This means that you must control your risk and not place high expectations on any one trade.
2. Always have your own trading rules. Regardless of the set rules in the trading strategy, you need to have your own personal trading rules. It's about capital management, about trading psychology, about what pairs are right for you, about your trading style.
3. Be prepared for adverse scenarios. Preparing in advance for scenarios where the market goes against your trading expectations will not only help you cut your losses and exit quickly, but will also keep you from becoming conceited because you have foreseen the possibility of a loss.


Above are the differences or boundaries between confident and arrogant traders, as well as some ways to avoid becoming conceited in trading.