The wizard Mark Minervini started trading 4 decades ago, and he has been profitable for 37 years in a row and has built a huge fortune just from market speculation. Is there any secret to help Mark Minervini do that? What's your secret to beating the market for 37 consecutive years? This article will give you the answer.

Notable news:

  • The dollar traded higher in early European trade on Thursday, boosted by rising bond yields as pessimism about the US economic outlook waned.
  • US economic data are also showing improvement with Wednesday's ADP data showing that the private sector added 174,000 (net) jobs in the month to mid-January.
  • Concerns about the EU's difficulty in deploying a coronavirus vaccine are weighing on the eurozone outlook making EUR's rivals more attractive.
  • BoE kept interest rate policy unchanged as expected, GBP recovered mainly because BoE moved away from its commitment to use negative interest rate policy.

1. Why still trade successfully after 37 years of beating the market? This is thanks to timeless principles and a commitment to strict adherence to them. Never follow the bullshit “this time will be different” argument to derail the tracks. Still doing the same things that were done decades ago - Mark Minervini, wizard trader.

2. What areas should you focus on if you are a trader
  • For starters, focus on placing orders correctly and managing capital
  • With the average, focus on the trading strategy
  • With professionals, focus on thinking - James Clear
3. Place your stop loss at the same time as your entry. You'll be a lot less stressed - Mike Bellafiore.

4. Every trade you enter contains many risks. Some risks you can foresee and accept voluntarily, others you cannot foresee and can happen at any time. No matter what happens, you have to take full responsibility and have a plan to deal with it - Peter Robbins.

5. 10 tips to improve your trading instantly:
  • Use stop loss
  • Calculate the appropriate order volume
  • Using trailing stops
  • Eliminate low cap stocks/markets
  • Trade with the trend
  • Eliminate stocks trading below the 200 MA . line
  • Use 1 stock filter
  • Only risk 1-2% of your capital
  • Remove news
  • Keep a daily trading diary - Julian Komar, professional stock trader
6. The market loves to reward traders with bad trading decisions with lucky wins to get them to trade more, then quickly take it all back and make them lose - Anthony Crudele, trader fund.

7. How to get good deals?

Please use a trading system. It will tell you how to trade - Steve Burns.