Recently in a tweet, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, revealed that his company is planning to raise more than 600 million USD to buy more Bitcoin.

On the MicroStrategy website it is also announced that the company will allocate more to Bitcoin, with an expected amount of 690 million USD to buy Bitcoin.

Back on January 23, MicroStrategy spent $10 million to buy another 314 BTC.

In a statement on Jan. 29, MicroStrategy said that “the company wants to collect as many Bitcoins as possible” and that the company’s upcoming plans are to “considerate other avenues to do this.”

In the Q4/2020 report, CEO Michael Saylor stated: “Our strategy remains unchanged, Bitcoin remains the main reserve asset of the company. And we will still buy more Bitcoin if conditions are favorable.”

At the same time, the CEO of MicroStrategy also confirmed: "In the near future, we do not plan to sell BTC, all BTC holdings are planned for long-term storage."

By February 2, MicroStrategy continued to deduct another 10 million USD to buy 295 BTC immediately.

MicroStrategy says that since establishing Bitcoin as the company's primary reserve asset, the value of its business has increased dramatically.

Currently, it is estimated that the total Bitcoin holdings of MicroStrategy has reached more than 70,780 BTC.