1. If you want to make money in trading, you must accept to lose money for a while

Many new traders jump into trading but want to make money too. This is clearly the thinking of someone who doesn't understand the law.

Trading is a profession with a high probability, so losing money is inevitable, but it does not mean that losing money will get better. It always takes a while for traders to gain experience, skills, and methods of making money. During this time, everyone will have to accept defeat and loss before really making money.

Therefore, the thought of being in a hurry, wanting to make money quickly is an idea that goes against the rules of the game in trading. The more you want to make money, the more you have to be patient, learn and accept failure.

2. If you want to have a stable mentality, you have to accept the crisis for a while

To make money with a calm mind, like a professional trader, it must be easy. Behind the monumental names that the trading world gives them as professional traders, legendary traders are the miserable times, having to defeat their own egos. Experiencing countless losses, psychological crisis. In fact, it is many times more difficult than the way they convey it to the traders who follow.

Mental training is a must in trading if you want to be profitable. And certainly, no trader will avoid the psychological barrier. If you want to be mentally stable, you have to experience that feeling yourself and learn how to stabilize it. Only then will you be able to stand firm in the future when you encounter the turbulence of the market.

3. If you want to make money for a lifetime in trading, you must accept suffering for a while

Many traders, when they reach a certain stage of making money in trading, then begin to be negligent, subjective, and make money work not as smooth as before. Actually making a profit is just the first step, how to maintain and increase profits throughout your trading career later is the next step that traders must do.

If you want to earn money for a lifetime, then you have to work harder than others, accept more hardship than others to achieve what you want.

It is not easy for traders to make consistent profits for 20, 30 years. There are a few 20, 30 years in a person's life. Still, there are people who can. That's because they accept that it takes 10 years of their life to research a method, forge a skill, practice a technique, and work hard to stabilize their emotions. And perhaps they will continue to make money for the rest of the decades in their trading practice.

Knowing these 3 things, you will gradually consider trading as your career. Not in a hurry to make money in a month or two or a year or two. But will take some time, accept to learn, fail, learn from experience, and train for the future.