When you are trading at your best, what are the signs? Knowing the signs when we are trading at our best will enable us to squeeze in more winnings and trade more aggressively, thereby making more profits in good times. On the contrary, when we realize that we are not trading well, we will be more careful, reduce our positions and do not rush orders.

Notable news:

  • The dollar rallied in Europe early in the week after some losses as Friday's disappointing jobs report raised questions about the strength of the US economic recovery.
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen added that the US could return to full employment by 2022 if it enacts a strong enough stimulus package.
  • Brent oil futures for delivery next month crossed the threshold of $60 per barrel at the beginning of the week, touching this mark for the first time in more than a year. The reason is attributed to the expectation of new US economic stimulus measures as well as the compliance of oil production cuts by the producers, which have caused inventories to gradually decrease recently.
  • Yields on the US's longest-maturity benchmark bond hit 2% for the first time in nearly a year, boosted by stimulus talks and rising inflation expectations.

1. What are the signs that you are trading at your peak? That's when the signals your system gives are correct and you are opening profits on them - Steve Burns, professional trader.

2. Trading confidence is very important to be able to trade high volume positions. Thus ensuring that the transaction has

  • Excellent technical factors (support and resistance, chart patterns, volume).
  • Perfect fundamentals (sales growth/EPS).
  • Great story (new company product...) - Julian Komar, professional Stock trader.

3. Many traders make the mistake of trying to find the best trading strategy.

It's really a matter of knowing yourself to find the strategy that works best for you - Rayner Teo, professional individual trader.

4. One of the most interesting things about the stock market is that every time there is a buyer and a seller, both think they have an advantage over the other.” - William Feather.

5. Position Volume can make a huge difference in your trading performance:

  • Your winning trades should always have the highest volume.
  • Your losing trades should always be of minimum volume.

Give the winning trades a chance to cover all the losing trades - Julian Komar.

6. Becoming a great stock trader takes years, but it's well worth the effort. Please be patient. To be good enough to be paid for a lifetime, you have to build skills. - Mark Minervini, legendary Stock trader trader.