Self-study the basics of market speculation on the internet: articles, videos, books, etc. to know the basics of what market trading needs.

2, Read the classics in trading, for beginners to trade. These books are often written by legendary traders, professional traders, who have been successful in speculation and have made an enormous fortune from that work. Following in the footsteps of successful people is always wise

3, Read and research on the greatest traders of all time: Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Paul Tudor Jones, Wiliam O’Neil, Mark Minervini, etc., and most importantly, learn their trading thinking. Have their own principles that they always respect and never break, learn and follow them.

4, Research the price action history of the market you want to trade. Understand upward and downward trends, sideways price ranges, cycles of market volatility. This can be done with backtesting, chart research, tools usable on that chart.

5, Find your advantage in trading. The simple advantage is the ability to make a profit when the total of winning orders is greater than the sum of lost orders in a long chain of transactions

6, Learn how to build your own trading system. This system should match your risk tolerance, your confidence in the market (eg you don't believe in indicators because they are slow, only believe in price action), your ability to control emotions. your exposure (high drawdown systems can put you emotionally overloaded), and your profit target. The system has to provide detailed instructions on step by step instructions from entering to exiting orders

7, The system must build around the fundamentals of capital management: stop-loss distance,% accepted equity per trade, ways to manage orders once a position has been entered, and trailing stops. Good capital management eliminates the possibility of bankruptcy and heavy drawdowns

8, Build firm confidence in your system by backing them up in different markets, under different market conditions such as bullish, bearish, sideways, cumulative.

9, Build confidence in yourself to follow the system in an extremely disciplined way

10, Transact with patience for the system to take full advantage

11, Adjust the system to earn more profit