Perhaps one of the important goals of our traders is to find the right trading method. Only when traders have a trading method of their own can they think of making consistent profits. However, this is not easy. Usually it takes a lot of time to find the right method for us. It is normal for traders to take a few years to decades.

One of the biggest reasons why finding a strategy is so difficult is because traders are impatient and change strategies often. In fact, finding a suitable method is not necessarily too difficult. It's just that traders' expectations are too high or unrealistic, making it difficult to find.

On his Twitter profile, professional trader Julian Komar has posted a personal share on this issue. He shared about the simplest secret to finding a method that works for a trader, which is: Pay attention to your natural feeling. If you implement your trading strategies with ease, ease and one more thing that they make you profitable then that is the method you need.

If you take every trade you make with effort, in an attempt, even if those trades bring you profits, it is not the right strategy for you.

This view of his can be said to be very suitable for me. A few years ago when approaching Price action, because did not know much about trading as well as this school, when approaching the price action trading system, did not know how to apply it correctly. Although have learned for a while, the way to trade still feels very difficult. Very reluctant analysis. So when trade, don't have any confidence that will be profitable.

Abandon this system, go get a new one. But still can't find any suitable method. Back to the original trading system. And now the unexpected really happened. Seems to have a better understanding of how the system works. The analysis and trading seems to be a lot easier. Although it was not profitable at first, there are other skills that have improved a lot. For example, identifying support and resistance, analyzing trends, momentum, measuring stop loss, take profit.

It is the feeling of ease and comfort when trading that helped me quickly decide to choose this system that will be the system that will stick with me in this trading journey. And until now, this thinking has not changed.

Traders note, psychological comfort is different from the feeling of profit. Many traders think that when trading a few orders with profit, it is called a good system and that is appropriate. This is not certain. The relevance here is the psychology in the operation of the method. From the moment of analysis, entering and exiting orders must feel comfortable and easy.

So, when approaching a proven strategy, it is best not to think about profits. Focus on understanding the method. Stick with it persistently. At some point you will feel the connection of that method with yourself.