TOP 5 Notable Altcoins - RSUSDT binance D1

Buy RSR bets take profits completely, profit 4R.

It's great for a buy and we don't have to wait too long to take 100% profit, the price increases very quickly and even after taking profit, it goes up by 1 more. Altcoins are currently rising as strongly as BTC and top altcoins.

With this coin, we can completely watch to buy in the uptrend, but that depends on whether the context is favorable or not and the correction wave is nice enough or not. Temporarily we stay out of the market (the ema line is still doing its job well and has always been a tool to find our main buy point).

TOP 5 Notable Altcoins - Polkadot DOTUSDT binance D1

Last week's buy DOT contract took full profit, profit 4R.

This market is even better than the above because the stop loss is extremely tight and the price gives us a profit right after the order is filled. A quick profit after entering the market is a sign of a good entry and will be able to take profits later.

Notice that the ema line is still sloping up 45 degrees, meaning this uptrend is still sustainable and likely to continue. So we can completely follow this coin to buy in accordance with the trend. The ema line is still the main tool to help us find entry points.

Wait for the price to pull back to the ema line and form a tight Setup to buy up.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoins - SNXUSDT binance D1

The bet to buy SNX the day before was not entered.

The price is pulling back to the ema along a small trendline (ignoring the false break at the middle bar). When drawing a trend line connecting the top of the reverse wave, how do you draw it to best represent the moving shape of this wave, so that the resulting trend line is the most objective (by the time of placing your order? We also rely heavily on this trendline.)

Wait for the price to pull back again and complete the tight squeeze to buy up.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoins - Cardano ADAUSDT binance D1

After a long rally, ADA started to enter a correction wave, this coin has increased very strongly but there is still no pullback wave, so this time will be our chance.

Draw a downtrend line, and the ema line combined will timing the time to buy for us.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoins - Stellar XLMUSDT binance D1

Wait for the price to pull back and continue to the ema line to complete the compression to buy up.