Recently, Facebook is widely sharing a video clip about a man named Andrew Carlssin. Video Clip from this Life Story Facebook page has so far reached 35 million views, 233,000 likes, and nearly 369,000 shares.

According to Video Clip, in March 2003, the FBI - the US Federal Bureau of Investigation - arrested a 44-year-old man named Andrew Carlssin. Mr. Carlssin is a Trader. What made the FBI arrest this Trader was that within just 2 weeks and $800 of the initial capital, he knew it to be a huge amount of $350 million, which is an increase of 437,500 times. This incident certainly cannot escape the eyes of the regulatory authorities. Then, instead of denying guilt, Andrew Carlssin had a 4-hour confession. He said that he was not an Insider Trader (i.e. know inside and trade first, which is against the law in the US) but he actually knew the outcome of his 126 extremely high-risk orders. traded, because he was a man who traveled back in time. He went from the future 250 years later and back to this moment to trade stocks. Because he foresaw the future, he easily made money by investing in stocks.

The FBI did not believe this confession at all and made it clear that his ability to make such profits was based on insider trading. As for his confession, it is highly likely that he is mentally deranged or sick.

Andrew Carlssin is said to have disappeared on his way to the hearing in 2003.

The article was supposedly written about Andrew Carlssin

A Video Clip with sensational, engaging content. The trader with extremely small capital ($800), making a huge amount of money ($300 million) in an extremely short time (2 weeks) and again a time traveler. All these elements are enough to build a Hollywood sci-fi movie script

The final truth according to the article posted on the Snope site is that the SEC - US Security and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission) has confirmed this story to be fake and completely the work of tabloids who love stories. Fascinating fiction sentence view. The SEC said it received numerous calls from newsrooms asking about this story.

There are some humorous comments for this magical Time Trader as follows
  • Even a non-time traveler can tell this time-traveler that a 2-week high-risk consecutive winning 126 trades is definitely blacklisted.
  • If you traveled back here from 2256, why did you return to 2003? At that time the financial market crashed and it was very difficult to make a living. Whoever makes money is an alien, not a Trader.