Choose areas that can make a lot of money. Choosing Wall Street will be an infinite opportunity. If you have talent in an area that can make a lot of money, the sky is the only limit. If you want to look for a sunset, you have to go west (meaning that you want to make a lot of money, you must focus on fields with lots of money, lots of opportunities to exploit).

2, Forget the money. Instead, focus on being the best. The best people in any field are paid incredibly well. Invest in yourself and build your talent. Money is a byproduct that automatically goes to talented people.
  • First, you have knowledge
  • Next you have experience
  • Then you have the skills
  • Finally, you have money
3, Think within decades, not years. We often overestimate what we can do in 3-5 years, but underestimate what we can do in 10-20 years. Wanting to achieve too quickly will cause you to give up early

4, Use leverage for yourself. You are just 1 person. How can you leverage your efforts? Use social media. 1 blog, a youtube channel, write a book.

5, Live frugally until you become a cash millionaire.

6, Follow the 10% principle. Buy only 1 high-value asset equal to 10% of your net worth. This is a great rule to follow forever.

7, Lend only what you are willing to give. Especially important to friends and relatives. This way, you won't get angry about not being returned, and you won't lose relationships for money

8, Always keep an advantage. In any business trading or investment.

9. Treat your savings account as 0 … ALWAYS DO IT! If and when an emergency happens (and it will) and you “need” to use up your savings, ask: “What would I do if I don't have the money this? " Then do it. Never touch your savings! If you don't have that money, will you find a way to live and survive? Yes!