9 ways to effectively unleash under the belt into financial markets.

Method 1

- Find a broker or White Label that has just imported the system and has no experience in datafeeder administration.

- Open a quotes monitor window from another one with a standard price.

- Then comparing the prices between the two exchanges, there will be a delay because the MT4 server has to get data from another mt4 or get it from the unifeeder.

- When you see the quote is late or the price has a difference of about 5pips, it is guaranteed to make a profit immediately.

Note: this way you have to sit and watch the chart all day long, not you will miss the opportunity.

Method 2

- Do the same steps as 1.

- No need to sit around all day, just open the Finance Calendar to see when there is strong news (strong), just keep track of that pair.

- The quote of MT4 Server is always slower than the unifeeder, install the indicator that shows the time out of candlestick on the M1 chart to monitor.

- Open the New Order window, customize the volume and sit on the watch. About 1 minute before, the price will jerk so it jumps in and out right away.

Note: Only trade when there is strong news, use additional scripts to support fast and continuous entry.

Method 3

- Open 2 credit accounts with a balance of about 20k (no deposit) on 2 different floors, do not know each other, settle on the weekend.

- One account, BUY gold, 1 account, SELL gold. Gold usually moves about 1 week (High - Low): 50 price x 500 $ (5lots) = 25000 $ = 500 million.

- At the end of the week, if the gold is up, the BUY side will profit, up the settlement for money. SELL's side lost money but didn't pay.

Method 4

- Trade according to strong news such as bank rate, surplus, Nonfarm Payroll ... in short, if you open the trading calendar, immediately see the impact that appears in red, it is strong news, the market will have a big wave with that currency pair. . In the Asian session, you hit AUD, JPY - in the European session, you hit EUR, GBP - in the US session, you hit XAU.

- About 2 minutes before the news release, place 2 sell stop and buy stop orders 10pips away from the current price and 10pips take profit for trading (usually believe forex to run about 30 minutes), gold is about 2 prices take-profit price (gold runs about 5 prices).

- When you believe that the order is guaranteed to bite and bite right away, then or delete the pending order.

- Watch carefully, every day there is strong news every day to earn 20pips.

Note: should trade floor fix spread, while floor spread spreads should not be traded in this way.

Method 5

- Trade according to strong news such as bank rate, surplus, Nonfarm Payroll ... in short, if you open the trading calendar, immediately see the impact that appears in red, it is strong news, the market will have a big wave with that currency pair. 

- About 2 minutes before the news release, place two buy and sell orders with the same volume. Open the M1 chart to see if the news is strong and the news has not been bought by the big boy, the chart will almost standstill because it waits for the news.

- Set stop loss to 10pips, takeprofit to 25pips. When you believe the price will run up to bite the stop loss of the opposite order and bite the take-profit of the down order.

- For example pair EURUSD, spread = 2pips, placing 2 orders at the same time will lose 4pips. When the price of the TP bites we have: 25pips - 4pips (spread) - 10pips (stoploss) = 11pips.

Note: should trade the exchange fix spread, and should trade pairs with low spreads such as EURUSD.

Method 6

- Find which floor is on promotion, bonus from 50 - 100% on deposit. High leverage from 1: 500 - 1: 2000. Stop out 30% lower.

- Open 2 accounts with 2 different profiles. Deposit and balance such as 2,000usd will be bonused with an additional 50% balance to 3,000usd.

- One account is bought, the other account sells with the same volume such as XAGUSD because the XAG contract size is up to 5000, so the deposit is low.

- Account that goes in the opposite direction will burn, then immediately close the orders on the other side will profit and add a bonus.

Note: which platform should choose for withdrawal without additional volume requirement.

Method 7

- Open 2 accounts with the same high leverage balance as possible. This is the way to trade gap at the weekend.

- The weekend before the closing time of the market eg 4am on Saturday, 5 minutes before, jump to buy a full account.

- The other account is sold on the same volume.

- Usually on Monday morning when the market reopens, there will be a gap. Any account in the opposite direction will burn, the rest of the account will profit a lot. Remember that the full account trade only moves a few pips to burn, sometimes the gap jumps up to a few tens to hundreds of pips. profit several times. Trade 4 times in 1 month.

Note: should choose a pair with a large contract size such as oil (OIL) or silver (XAG).

Method 8

- This way the bank dealer or the fund it often uses to manage risk is called: swap trading.

- Choose 2 currency pairs with the same trend eg GBPUSD and EURUSD.

- The current level of fluctuations of GBP and EUR is relatively equal to about 100pips / day. Buy 1lot GBPUSD and sell 1lot EURUSD at the same time.

- Release without setting TP and SL, when the fluctuations converge, there will be 1 loss and 1 profit order, when seeing a satisfactory profit, we cut both orders, and start doing. new order pair.

- In 2008 the volume ratio for GBP / EUR was 1.5 / 1, in 2011 it was 1 / 1.2 and now it is 1/1. This rate is based on average fluctuations.

- If you do quote commodity trade, you can swap with the commodity currencies such as AUD (gold), CAD (oil) ..... please do more research.

Note: GU and EU, GJ and EJ..v.v.

Method 9

- This way trade on average price x2 reversed volume.

- Choose currency pair with low spread, so the spread is negligible such as EURUSD.

- Looking at the chart, we can see that the market moves in waveform, which means that when the trend goes strong, there will always be a correction phase. On average EURUSD is around 100pips / day. The strategy is as follows:

First, we go to buy 0.1lots at any price. Take 30pips as a jump, every 30pips put buy limit with volume duplicated according to the above worksheet.

Profit (pips) is the lowest retrieval price that will make a profit after deducting all loss orders if the market does not follow the correct trend.

After making the expected profit, close all orders ending a cycle and start over.

With the current EURUSD price of: 1.3720, the account 1: 200 max volume is 3.1lots, the margin is: 1.3720 / 200 x 3.1 = 2.1266u + 960u = 3086u, which means that the balance account must be greater than 3086u to trade. this way.