The way that traders are divided into levels is a bit different from the popular wings on the internet, it's simply that its perspective is slightly different.

Level 1

Demo account loss.

Traders at the demo account loss level have very weak trading skills, so focus on skill training, don't listen to clichés like psychology is the most important.

Level 2

Word demo account.

Small account loss.

At this level, traders with ok skills continue to practice, weak psychology, need more psychological training like crazy fans of trading psychology say.

Level 3

Word demo account.

Word small account.

Big account loss.

At this level, a trader with ok skills continues to practice more, the psychology is at an average level, and also needs to practice more trading psychology like level 2.

Level 4

Word demo account.

Word small account.

Word big account.

Professional traders and then learn from other people to stop commenting.