Fear of loss is extremely dangerous, everyone knows that. Because when we lose, the human mind becomes extremely heavy and negative: we are angry, confused, hopeful, desperate, want to take back, leading to the order of revenge. However, there is one thing that is more dangerous than losing, and that is the fear of losing. This fear exists in all Traders and unfortunately all its effects are negative.

1. Don't be afraid to accept losses.

Fear of loss is 10 times more dangerous than real loss - MoneyTraderedge, professional stock trader trader.

The fear of loss is dangerous because it makes traders do everything to avoid losing positions, basically doing 2 things: 1 is trying to lose, because they don't want negative orders to become real losses, so they will go for it. in the hope that the price will reverse causing huge losses; 2 is a young closing, because they are afraid that the price will reverse to "eat" and lose their profits. Those two things combined will definitely make a trader lose money in the long run, because their losses are large while their profits are small.

2. It's impossible to know if you'll make or lose money next week.

The only thing you know is that you will follow your plan precisely and rigorously, and let the market decide the rest.

And that's the most important thing, because it's the only thing you can control. - LoneStockTrader, professional trader.

3. 5 important trading mindsets you need to take to heart.

- Win rate doesn't matter to earn money.
- The volume of positions greatly affects the ability to succeed in trading.
- Simple and advantageous systems are more likely to succeed.
- 80% of the deciding factor in successful trading is psychology.
- Avoiding exposure to the market will help you better control your psychology - Julian Komar, professional stock trader.

4. Never confuse the ability to trade well with a bull market where anyone who buys can make money - Steve Burns, professional trader.

5. We all know that life is not fair and neither is trading. Rules can be changed and advantages can disappear very quickly. Do you have a plan B? - Peter Robbins.

6. Avoid a major account drop at all costs, because

Lose 10%, need to earn 11% to break even.
Lose 20% need to earn 25% back to break even.
Lose 50% need to earn 100% to break even.
Losing 90% need to earn 900% to break even.

Controlling account declines is much more important than controlling account growth - Julian Komar.

7. Good mental health is the key to becoming a good trader - Tradeciety Rolf.

8. “If you can't wait for good trade setups, you will have to be willing to trade them for less money.” - Dan Zanger, market legend.