Speak less and avoid unrealistic hopes

Your words can have the opposite effect of your thoughts. If you repeat something long enough, you will believe it yourself.

In trading, hoping for a trading outcome does not increase the probability of winning, it just makes you put too much expectation on it. If you assume it is a losing trade, of course you will become frustrated, bored and it is difficult to maintain your sanity for the next trade.

Even if it's a win that meets your expectations, it's not a good thing. Because the fun you have makes you wish for more such "lucky" wins and then you'll probably risk more to get there.

To avoid falling into the emotional trap of hope, simply accept the outcome of the trade and don't talk about it too much yourself.

Saving words is also a way to think and calculate more carefully

Successful traders save more money because they want to think and calculate in trading more carefully.

Words when spoken can hinder thinking, the more you talk, the harder it is to focus on analyzing and seeing new opportunities and potential risks.

However, one point to clarify is that not everyone who talks a lot is also a person who thinks little.

In extroverts, their personality pushes them to talk more, and that makes them comfortable to discuss and think about their problems.

Overall, in most cases, saving money can keep you focused on market analysis, calculations and planning, thereby improving trading efficiency.

Do a lot to gain experience

A successful trader is someone with a lot of knowledge and experience.

There are many ways for you to get trading knowledge such as: books, courses, sharing from the community, ...

But with experience, no one can share with you. Because experience is personal, through successful and failed trades you will draw your own lessons.

What is the fastest way to gain experience?

It's only possible through practice i.e. the "do a lot" factor.

The more you practice, the more you will "level" your trading. Just like today's games, you need to "plow hoes" to get your character's strength.

Trading is a big game in which you are a character, to be able to win the market, you are forced to "plow hoes" by trading more and more.

Take action to reach your goal

To really achieve success in trading, you have to think about goals. Goals are the ultimate destination of a trader.

Through action, you are taking steps towards this goal.

No matter how big or small your goal is, easy or difficult, the first thing to make this goal a reality is action.

Only action will bring results, and it is these results that will be the steps that bring you closer and closer to your ultimate goal.