Many traders believe that if you want to have experience in trading, just throw a few thousand into the market and you will have experience. That is to use the money to buy experience. This sentence is not wrong, it's just the price it is quite acrid.

However, not all traders who throw money in will gain experience, not just having experience is going to trade better. Many traders, when sharing with others, always say that they have lost this much or lost a few years, so they are very experienced. In fact, no one takes losses to measure the maturity or experience of a trader. But many traders see loss as a way to prove their own experience.

Although the trader is about 3, 4, or 5 years of experience. Their amount of loss is not small, but up to now they are still not making a consistent profit. Or rather, they still don't have any plans yet. That means that in those few years, even though they have accumulated experience for themselves, those experiences are not used by them so their trading style still does not make them money.

So a lot of traders, even though they trade a lot, lose a lot, but in reality, they are not very smart. What they have is their oral experiences, not their actions. So when you evaluate a trader's experience, absolutely don't just look at the loss in the past but judge. But also to look at something else!

Almost every trader will lose money in the past. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, but what makes a trader more mature, making money is turning losses into lessons for themselves, turning experience into trading skills that can help traders earn. If you get money, then your loss will be called no waste. That means, if it is merely a loss, anyone can do it. Whoever has more money to lose, whoever has more time to blow the market has already become a successful trader.

Losing is only the first step for a trader to make money. If the trader knows how to use it, it is the power, the weapon that helps the trader to achieve what he wants. But if used badly, it can ruin a trader's career as a trader.

So, if you lose a lot, the trader will not be smart. But knowing how to use losses to make yourself more proficient, more skilled is really wise. That is why many traders keep losing money constantly, making the same mistake again and again.

A little lesson for you is that, if you have a loss, stop trading immediately, don't continue, but consider the cause of that loss-making trade. There may not be much harvest at first. But gradually, traders develop a habit of always reviewing their own trading, and at a certain point you will see, the lessons and experiences you have gained are now ready to use. You grow up slowly, not so radiantly, but any step is sure to take that step.