Notable news

  • A survey found the eurozone's economic slowdown worsened in January as new restrictions aimed at quelling the spread of the coronavirus heavily hit the service industry - which is a key industry. of blocks.
  • Deputy Governor Masazumi Wakatabe said the Bank of Japan is ready to cut interest rates further and continue to find ways to deal with economic shocks, while signaling its determination to maintain or increase support for the affected economy. affected by the pandemic.
  • The dollar edged higher at the start of the European session on Thursday, especially against the euro as traders worried about the state of the EU economic recovery comparing it to the recovery in the US.

1. The size of the winning order is more important than the win rate - Steve Burns, professional trader

2. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, what matters is how much you win each time you win, and how much you lose each time you lose.
  • Be patient with winning orders
  • Don't be patient with losing orders
Do these two things long enough and you'll be on par with the best traders - the divergent trader.

3. Please avoid
  • Hold on to losing trades
  • Bullish trading
  • Trading is too big
  • Personal opinion
  • Guess
  • Over-trading
  • Price soup
  • FOMO
  • Greed
  • The ego is too big
4. The goal is to make money in the market, where the sum of winning orders is greater than the sum of losing orders on a large number of trades. That's the end goal - Adam Grimes, professional trader.

5. 4 tips to reduce the number of failed breakouts in stock trading
  • The overall market must be in a clear uptrend
  • Trading volume 150% larger than usual at the breakpoint
  • There was a contraction in volatility before the breakout
  • Clear and simple chart pattern - Julian Komar, professional stock trader
6. Whenever the daily stop-loss limit is reached and the account drops 2R, it will stop trading immediately. Will come back a few hours later to record trades, to look for weakness in my Trades. This has greatly changed my trading skills - trade city, Rolf.

7. Successful traders focus on their system, not someone else's - Steve Burns.

8. No one can accurately predict the market consistently, or catch the market tops and bottoms.

So just go with the price. Keep winning orders. Cut loss orders.

You will get a lot better by not predicting the market. - Rayner Teo, professional trader.

9. Boredom can be very dangerous for a trader - Steve Burns.