1. Regularly monitor the price

In fact, when trading in accordance with principles, with adequate capital management, basic traders do not need to track prices much. Just check the chart at special times such as sessions or important news, to see if there are noticeable signals that affect strategy or not.

Only traders in mind who feel anxious or anxious to see if the trading order has made a profit or loss will always open the price chart, even though it has followed the trading rules correctly.

If there is a stable mentality and trust in the strategy, then it is not necessary for a trader to do so. It will both make the psychology vulnerable and the transaction ineffective. So, if there's this action, then your mentality isn't really good.

2. Sometimes trading go out of plan

Many traders who say that their mentality is okay, and the unplanned trading is also under their control, this is the case.

In fact, most traders like to trade unplanned, no one likes to force themselves into a framework. Especially when traders think their psychology is okay, or they already know how to stabilize their psychology.

In fact, to realize psychology and adjust it is just the first step in psychological training only. It is difficult to maintain a stable mentality for a long time, even during the trading journey. And when most traders pass the first step, few people continue to take the next step. Therefore, it is possible to separate successful traders and failed traders.